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Very good sound design, quite an immersive experience. I really like this idea. I would like to see more of the essence of what's here fleshed out. Some tense and anxious moments. I felt very uneasy at times. Thank you!

Thank you for the video ! i'm sorry for the bug with the boxes. I'm glad you enjoyed it !

I thought I was SAFE on those stairs, until that running SFX made me think otherwise haha and speaking of, I'm loving the variety of sfx used throughout the game. Using a bit more than walking and door opening sfx can really manipulate the feel of the game. But overall, this was a spooky fun experience!

Great work!

Thank you for the video ! i'm glad you enjoyed it ! thank you for taking your time to give me feedback, i'll for sure keep them in mind for my next game 

I found a weird glitch but other than that the ambiance was extremely creepy. I played this in my 3 scary games video and it was the third game. Keep up the  great work my guy!

Thanks for the video ! I'm glad you enjoyed it ! i'm sorry for the glitch ahah

Nice, short, simply, super atmospheric and some awesome sound design, 

great work with the game! Check out the playthrough below

Thanks for the video ! i'm glad you enjoyed the sound design ! i will try for my next game to work as much on the sound design than on the visual, hope you will be able to play it !

Very good sound design, would really recommend headphones!



Thanks for the video ! i'm glad you enjoyed the sound design ! 


Thanks for the video !

I knew it was short but I didn't think it was gonna be that short lol. I did enjoy it for what it is though, it was a pretty good experience. Random flashes, noises and ambient sounds always gets me. Haha! Would love to see a bigger game from you.

Please check out the video (Game starts at 9:27) and my channel:

VladMan. Thanks!


Thanks for the video ! i'm currently working on a new game, much bigger, hope you will be able to play it

Looking forward to it!

I didnt really understand this game it was very short but goddamit the controls felt so nice

Thanks for the video ! glad you enjoyed the controls ! 


3rd game played

Thanks for the video !


i played the game and it was very scary and i like the graphics and it was really fun to play!!! It would help a lot if you could check out my channel and subscribe!! Thank youuu

Thanks for the video ! i'm glad you enjoyed it !

of course!! I had so much fun playing it!!


Short but enjoyable! I liked it!

Thanks for the video ! i'm sorry you didn't really enjoyed the game

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Thanks for the video

From the beginning to the end it got me in its clutches. Scaring me more and more. Keeping me on edge and extremely alert of my surroundings. Good job! Starts at exactly 5:31

Thank you ! nice video ! I'm glad you enjoyed it ! 

Enjoy playing this game so much

Thank you ! nice video, i couldn't understand but it's really nice to see people around the world playing it !

lol this game made me on edge for sure! Also who is the person at the door!?

Check the gameplay here!

Thank you for the video ! i'm happy you got spook ahah. For the person at the door, who knows... it's a nightmare, it could by anyone... or anything ;p

Deleted 16 days ago

Thank you ! and thank you for the video !

I honestly need to start reading the description of games before I record them lol. Didn't realize this was so short until in read it... Anyway, check out my playthrough when you have a chance!

Thanks for the video ! yeah it's a really short game, you're not the first to be taken by surprise ahah. i hope you liked it despite the length and i hope you will be able to play my next release !

Thanks so much for making this game, it was VERY short but still good. I loved the ambiance, you really captured the feel of a new city,  it really reminded me that I hate moving. I didn´t get scared, but that´s ok, it´s a me thing. Really hope to play more of your games!


Thank you for your video ! i'm glad you enjoyed the game.

I hope you will be able to play my next release ! 

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the gameplay here (the game is the 2d there):


1. I loved the subtle scares like shadow under the door or teleporting wooden mannequin! 

2. Sounds were so awesome! Nothing really was happening but sound design still scared the bajonkes out of me!


1. The game was a bit empty. There were not much to explore or to interact with. Maybe it would be cooler to add different floors (and maybe different endings depending on which floor the player chooses).

2. The ending was anticlimactic. The player should be always encouraged to go through the experience. If they want to stray and investigate - add a small spook which many, who would not investigate,  would have missed. If the player goes till the end - add a nice spook or a scary monster to make it worth their time. That's a nice motto for a good horror game developer. So, your mannequin thingy was awesome but the enging requires a bit of work.


The game was nice but there is so much room for improvement! So, I'll rate the game 4/5. I wish to see more projects from you!

Hope my feedback was useful!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game ! 

Thank you for the video and your feedback, it's really helpful and i will keep that in mind for my next project !

The game was short and sweet. I haven't cursed this much in a while. While there was no story or actual threat, the spooks were solid, and the graphics were nice. Your sound was amazing, which is what I loved the most. Overall great game. I hope to see more from you.


Thank you ! nice video !  i did take special care about the sound because i think it's what matter in a horror game, not the jumpscare or the graphics, it's the sound who make the atmosphere work or not. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and i hope you will be able to play my next release !

AMAZING, Graphics were stellar from what I thought they were going to be.. Going down those stairs really felt like a stairway to hell, very very freaky.. Pause.. Although there was no real sense of threat in the game, it was made up for what you as the player think is about to happen, which I think is always amazing for a game. Especially considering the loudness of the original footseps. Also that poster freaked me the hell out first time around lol. A strong 4.5/5 from me!  (6:40 is when the gameplay starts)

Thank you very much ! i'm glad you enjoyed the game ! nice video !

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Great job! Graphics were pretty good and it had me freaking out a couple of times! The mannequin was a bit unnerving, I hate mannequins.. Also the sound of the busy city outside adding a great touch to the atmosphere! Gives you a sense of calm that is quickly ripped away at the staircase. XD

Thank you for playing it ! nice video ! i'm glad you enjoyed it ! (For the staircase, i didn't want to put a "Game Over" on the player so either the mannequin caught you or not, you simply move on to the next area, the building's entrance)

Deleted 19 days ago

Thank you for the video ! i'm currently working on my new game, hope you will be able to play it !

Great atmosphere, overall nice work, curious to see what you are going to make next!

Thanks ! great video ! i will show the first details about my new game very soon ! 

Nice! i'll keep an eye out


ok , cool ending!

this game was too short, but i liked that. i didnt understand the ending,tho. is there like an extended version coming?

Thank you ! indeed it's a short game, it was more a experiment for me, see if i can make something that people could enjoyed and if i could scare people ahah.

In the end, the protagonist simply wake up from his nightmare that you just played.

No extended version are coming, i'm working on a brand new horror game, the first details will be available very soon.

You can follow me on my twitter where i will post about the futur game until i make a new page on Itchio :)

Great short horror game, atmosphere was creepy and the stairs got me good, probably sounds stupid but wish it was slightly brighter so I could see whats going on .

Thank you ! nice video ! Indeed i got some feedback about the brightness of the game, i will take special care about the lighting in my next release

Today we're not aloud to sleep in! We're Awake and there's something chasing us!

Nice video ! thanks for playing it !

I downloaded this on a mac and it won't work. I click the icon. The menu pops up. I get to read the story at the beginning while 2:30 blinks in the top left corner, but when I press "E"; I get a black screen. I guess I can move because I hear steps. But I get a black screen.

Hello ArsLudum !

I'm sorry, i didn't had a mac to test the game, you're the second person telling me the same problem, i will remove the mac version until i can fix it.

Again, i'm sorry for the inconvenience

Deleted 20 days ago

Hello Hepobeb !

Thanks ! and thanks for the video !

I quite enjoyed this, there's something charming about the simplicity of it.

I'm also jealous of this bugger who's managed to get an apartment.

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Hello Joeopolis !

Thank you for the video and the review, glad you enjoyed it ! I hope you will be able to play the next release

Short, but not completely unscary

Hello DRG !

Indeed it's a really short game, i was testing the water, the next one will be longer ahah

Thanks for the video !

ding-dong ditch

Hello TsukuruHouse !

Thanks for the video !

gameplay starts at 6:10. I am very curious as to whether i actually finished this game, and if so where it was going. I loved the build up! I about shat myself when the (mystery person) knocked on the door.
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Hello Drunknhippo !


 for the video !

You indeed finished the game 

Awake was an experiment, to see if I could make a game that people would enjoy and if I could scare them, but it's a very short experiment ahah

I'm currently working on a new horror game, it will not be a direct follow up of Awake, more of another story to tell ;)


That clears up alot of things i was questioning, you really had a nice vision for this one. Well done!

Deleted 20 days ago

Hello Fearagen !

Indeed it's a short game ahah

Good video !  hope you had fun playing it despite the length 

This game got me good with a few jumpscares. I really enjoyed the gameplay and the spooky atmosphere. I included this game in a video that I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. 

Hello Ishin442 !

Thank you for playing it and good video !

I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I look forward to more games from you. 


Hello Queenfaith2020 !

Thank you ! :)

Hey Kronde!

I really enjoyed it. There was even a moment, where I scared myself haha!

The setup was  great, and worked well for being short. Are you planning on doing more to this game, or maybe something else? Great job.  Made a vid as well!


Hey Flipmodejp !

Thank you so much ! I really liked your video, very funny to watch !

I've always wanted to work on a horror game and "Awake" seemed like a good idea to test my ability to scare people haha

But i don't think i will expand this game more than that, not for the moment atleast !

But of course, i will keep making games and i hope you will be able to play it !

Most def!!

Hello! very short game and very dark as well, maybe something on my side but it was very difficult to see.

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for sharing your creationg. subs & likes are welcome and appreciated :D

Hello !

I tried the game on multiple monitor/resolution and computers and didn't had your problem with the brightness of the game. Maybe something on your side,

The game itself is purposely dark, just not that dark ahah !
There is a light switch on the wall outside the bedroom, maybe I should have highlighted it more, my bad !

I hope you enjoyed it despite that problem.
Thanks for the video !

Hello! yes I did enjoy it! haha I did not notice the light switch but that's normal in me, I always miss important stuff xD

thank you for sharing your creation and Im looking forward to play any more games you make :D

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