What's next

Hello everybody !

This past few days have been crazy for me ! 

I would like to start first by saying a big thanks to all the people who played Awake and those who have made video about it.

I've always liked making things and one of my life goal was to make a game that peoples would enjoy.

It was always a big struggle for me to finish a project and Awake is the first true project that i was able to finish

and seeing people play it on YouTube, enjoyed it, be scared, it really has been a weird but awesome feeling.

Now let's talk about the future !

I'm currently working on a new horror game.

It will be a bigger release, Awake was developed in one week, this will take a longer time.

I want to keep the same concept than Awake, telling a "slice of life/horror" of multiples people.

I'll keep the details for now, i don't want to start talking about things that might not be in the final release ahah !

But i will share the first screenshots soon enough.

You can follow my twitter https://twitter.com/TheKronde 

I hope you'll all be able to play the next game  and i hope you will also enjoy it.

Thank you for the support and stay tuned !

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